Teknologisk Institutt as (TI)

The National Institute of Technology, Norway (TI) is one of the RTD performers in the project. TI will work with issues related to chemical management such as handling of hazardous chemicals, chemical risk assessment, toxicology, expertise on existing legislation and newly introduced REACH as well as development of the training material.

Teknologisk Institutt as (TI) is private founded RTD organization that has grown from a governmental institute into a highly competent organization with high levels of skills and expertise in a great number of areas, working for industry developing technological solutions and transferring new technology to SMEs and large companies in its competence areas. TI is not an IPR holding or exploiting business.

TI has high competence and extensive experience in consultancy work for private and public enterprises in work related to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues in general and safe handling of hazardous chemicals in particular. TI has achieved a high level of expertise on REACH and technological excellence in toxicological. The training and course department, experienced in HSE training and chemical management, will have an active role in the train the trainer program.

For further information, see www.teknologisk.no

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