MDA Consulting Ltd

MDA Consulting is one of the SME beneficiaries in the project. They provide professional services to the property and construction industries. Their main role in the project will be testing and validation of the functionalities of the system.

They have a culture of innovation and collaboration as a core of their company. The group of competent professional and administrative staff worldwide enables the company to undertake large and complex projects in virtually any geographic region of the world and in every sector of commerce, industry and public works. The services offered by MDA concentrate on the effective management of a project and all those who have input to it, with particular attention to matters relating to cost and value to the building owner or user. In addition to the core services of Project Management, Cost Consultancy, Engineering Services Design, CDM Co-ordination, Building Surveying and DisputeResolution Consultancy. MDA introduces specialist techniques to enhance the value of a development, such as risk analysis and assessment, value management, value engineering, life cycle costing and maintenance management.

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