The Norwegian Contractors Association (EBA) is the initiator and coordinator of the ChemXchange project. As coordinator, EBA will facilitate the implementation of the project and ensure that the ChemXchange system is developed in accordance with the needs of their members.

EBA is an association for the contractors representing more than 200 companies with all together 25 000 employees in Norway. The total turnover is about 50 billion NOK and the member companies range from the largest national contractors to specialized craft industry micro SMEs. EBA aims at safeguarding and promoting the common interests of the contractors towards other institutions, organizations, the authorities and the society in general. They promote an innovative and profitable construction industry. Their key strategic areas are industrial RTD, ethical and public opinion issues, productivity and Health, Safety and Environmental matters. EBA is strongly involved at the European level, through participation in the European umbrella-organization in their sector, FIEC.

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